Emits a value into the response page. The value can be limited to a specified number of characters

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Name Type Required Default Description
maxLength int no 25 The value is truncated to this lengh unless content is raw. This includes the moreMarker if it is specified.
moreMarker java.lang.String no ... The marker that is appended if the value string has been truncated.
value java.lang.String no The value to be emitted. Non-strings are converted to strings.
format java.text.Format no A Format object used to convert the value to a string.
raw boolean no If false (the default), then HTML characters in the value are escaped. If true, then value is emitted exactly as is.
class java.lang.String no If specified, then any output is wrapped in an HTML span tag with the given CSS class.

Further info

  • Body: Removed
  • Informal parameters: Allowed
  • Reserved parameters: None


This component extends from the Insert component of Tapestry.


Presuming you have defined bayeux library in you application under the library name "bayeux":

Insert a text that never goes beyond 22 characters including the "more" text: "..."

<span jwcid="@bayeux:InsertLimited" maxlength="22" value="ognl:longText">this text can't be ...</span>
public class APage extends BasePage {
    public String getLongText() {
        return "this text can't be longer than 22 characters";